Naval Institute Press

Marketing Manager

291 Wood Road, Annapolis, MD, United States, 21402

Position: Full-Time
Starts: 01/02/2017


Serves as one of the principal advisors to the Director of Sales & Marketing in the planning and execution of sales, marketing and distribution activities on behalf of the Press mission. Oversees all advertising, catalog, and email promotions and manages the Press’s exhibits and special events.


  • Executes all manner of tasks related to the sale, marketing and distribution of Press products via catalogs, advertising, direct mail, e-commerce, publicity, exhibits, special promotions, events, marketing launches, and social media.
  • Manages creation and distribution of Press titles, premiums, and promotional materials, including author questionnaires, catalogs, tip sheets and/or sales kits, sell sheets, web listings, and email, developing and coordinating support across USNI business lines, as needed. 
  • Assists in setting marketing goals and establishing plans for the Marketing Department as well as reviewing procedures and results for purposes of future planning.
  • Manages social media and viral marketing strategies and campaigns, overseeing the current presence of the Press on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Establish Press presence on Pinterest, Instagram, Goodreads, BookGrabbr, YouTube, etc.
  • Recommends, schedules, and contracts book exhibits. Provides annual expense budget for exhibits. Arranges for staffing of exhibits; selects titles to be displayed; coordinates author book signings and special events, arranges for exhibit displays, and shipment of product to the exhibit site.
  • Attends exhibits to set-up and dismantle displays; sells product; and distributes promotional materials. Totals product sales and prepares show reports.
  • In conjunction with Publicist, works with USNI authors to supply books based on personal or resale use for events & book talks; supports author plans for book talks and signings at bookstores and special events.
  • Assists in analyzing, projecting and administering budgets for the Marketing Department, as required.
  • As required, advises and consults on editorial, marketing, packaging, and pricing factors influencing the approval and sale of NIP books. 
  • As required, participates in determining book print runs, product order quantities, and reprint quantities.
  • As required, performs tasks supporting the Editorial and Production departments




Must be able to work both independently and as part of a team to meet constant deadlines. Computer and organizational skills are essential. Publishing and sales experience a plus.

Critical skills include:

  • Organizational and workflow management
  • Knowledge of ONIX standards
  • Detailed understanding of metadata
  • Working knowledge of MailChimp, NetRead, and Edelweiss

Preferred skills:

  • Computer skills, including, but not limited to Adobe Acrobat Pro, InDesign, and Photoshop


Minimum 5-10 years of publishing experience. BA degree in Business or English or comparable field required and/or experience in marketing or sales.


Excellent written and verbal skills


Good mathematical skills for marketing and occasional financial statistical analysis


Requires good analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as diplomacy and the ability to balance the needs of staff, authors, and customers with those of the organization


Not applicable 


Ability to lift a minimum of thirty pounds (exhibit materials/case of books).


Office and some travel (3-5 times a year)

About Naval Institute Press:

The Naval Institute Press is the book-publishing arm of the U.S. Naval Institute, a private, nonprofit, membership society for sea service professionals and others who share an interest in naval and maritime affairs. Established in 1873 at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, where its offices remain today, the Naval Institute has members worldwide.

The Naval Institute's book-publishing program, begun in 1898 with basic guides to naval practices, has broadened its scope to include books of more general interest. Now the Naval Institute Press publishes about seventy titles each year, ranging from how-to books on boating and navigation to battle histories, biographies, ship and aircraft guides, and novels. Institute members receive significant discounts on the Press' more than eight hundred books in print.

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