Quail Ridge Books

Institutional Sales Manager, Technical Support Assistant, Floor and Children's Booksellers

4209-100 Lassiter Mill Rd., Raleigh, NC, United States, 27609

Position: Full-Time
Starts: 07/26/2017

Quail Ridge Books seeks an institutional sales manager, a technology support assistant, floor booksellers, and a children's bookseller.

Institutional Sales Manager: The institutional sales department works with schools, businesses and organizations to fulfill their book needs. They also handle authors in schools, outside sales, and book-fairs. The ideal candidate would be a solution-oriented leader with good communication and organizational skills, who has the ability to think creatively and who loves people and books. 

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

Insuring the highest level of customer service and hospitality

Hiring and training staff

Taking responsibility for seeing that customers' orders are processed quickly and accurately

Marketing the store to potential customers

Working with the children's department on book-fair selection

Working with the bookkeeper on collecting payments, and sorting, filing, tracking and insuring accuracy of invoices, credits, and all accounting issues that relate to institutional sales

Technology Support Assistant
: This position is a combination of technical support assistant and part-time bookseller. Candidate would be responsible for assisting in the support of all computer, phone and other tech systems, as well as setting up and monitoring sound and computer equipment required for store events. Needs to be good with people, machines, and books!

Floor and children's department booksellers
: Part-time and full-time positions available, 20-40 hours per week. This award-winning independent bookstore is a fun and challenging place to work where you can meet some of the country’s best authors. We are looking for people who love books, enjoy writing and public-speaking, and can also run a register and carry boxes. Some weekend and evening shifts required. In exchange, we pay above minimum wage and give a store discount. This is a rewarding position for someone who wants to work at one of Raleigh’s most treasured stores.

Quail Ridge Books is an equal opportunity employer.

About Quail Ridge Books:

QRB is an award-winning, nationally-recognized independent bookstore serving Raleigh, North Carolina for over 32 years. Our mission is to promote literacy, to encourage the lifelong enjoyment of reading, and to foster the contribution that books can make to a life rich in both mind and spirit. We seek to conduct our business in a way that nourishes readers, writers, our fellow staff members and our community, and that sustains the store profitably.

Email your resume to jobs@quailridgebooks.com.

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