MIT Press Bookstore

Bookstore Events and Outreach Assistant

301 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, United States, 02139

Position: Part-Time

We need someone to coordinate the events program, community outreach and marketing for the store. This means planning, promoting, and running the authors@mit series; working with the store managers to find authors, producing materials; collaborating on in-store displays and the outreach strategy; building MIT and community partnerships; promoting the bookstore’s Espresso Book Machine; providing website and social media content updates; directing the production of a monthly newsletter; maintaining the bookstore’s mailing list; and other duties as needed.

Starting at $21 per hour, it's a 21 hours-a-week job with MIT benefits

For full job description and to apply, follow the link.

About MIT Press Bookstore:

The MIT Press Bookstore, founded in 1980, is one of the only retail bookstores owned and operated by a university press. Located between the MIT campus and Central Square, we are the bookselling arm of the MIT Press, the nonprofit publishing program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While we serve the people of MIT, Cambridge and the Metro Boston area, people come here to shop from across the country and around the world.

We stock many of the books and journals published by the MIT Press as well as, a wide-ranging selection of books from all publishers in related fields such as: art and arhiteccture, technology, science, the humanitities and mcuh more. We also offer a selection of calendars, cards, and notebooks.

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