Greenlight Bookstore

Special Sales Manager

686 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11217

Position: Full-Time

Overview: The Special Sales Manager chooses, plans, directs, and staffs sales outside the bookstore, including conferences, book launches, pop-ups, and other events.  The Special Sales Manager is also responsible for coordinating and developing bulk and corporate sales.  The Special Sales Manager is the point person for all offsite sales requests, determines details and logistics for events, and handles book purchasing and shipping, to the store or the venue.  The Special Sales Manager manages continuing relationships with offsite venues and organizations, determining best practices for ongoing sales.  The Special Sales Manager handles planning and logistics for large-scale conferences and long-term offsite or pop-up sales, including communication with the venue, book shipping and transportation, and pre- and post-event recordkeeping.  The Special Sales Manager maintains and cultivates relationships with publishers.  As a manager, the Special Sales Manager trains and directs offsite staff, and creates staffing schedules for all offsite events.  The job also involves emphasis on outreach and relationship development of venues, companies, etc. for future sales and event potential. All of Greenlight’s store managers work together as a team, and so the Special Sales Manager will work closely and collaboratively with Greenlight’s team of managers on hiring/staffing, scheduling, inventory (receiving, transferring, processing) and customer service.



- Strong communication skills

- Excellent time management, organizational and multi-tasking skills

- Ability to work under pressure and problem solve on the fly

- Willingness to work autonomously but also be part of a team

- Ability to lift 30 pounds or more

- Availability to work flexible hours


Summary of responsibilities: 

- Coordinate short-term/one-off offsite events 

- Handle all sales, logistics, etc. for conferences and long-term/pop-up offsite events: Creating and editing contracts, creating title lists, placing orders, coordinating marketing, managing stock for ongoing pop-up locations 

- Coordinate with scheduling manager to schedule staffing and manage staff training for all offsite events 

- Directly supervise staff working on offsite events

- Maintain records, reporting, and sales analysis for all offsite events, manage profit margins for department

- Coordinate transportation of inventory to/from large-scale events 

- Manage offsite store inventory in Basil, our point of sale system

- Work to maintain all offsite hardware (iPads, Square readers, etc.) and address ongoing Basil issues 

- Create order forms, signage, etc. using InDesign and create web pages for events 

- Outreach, development, and relationships management of relationships with offsite partners, venues, conferences, etc. 

- Develop and manage business-to-business (B2B) and bulk sales opportunities

- Work closely with a team of managers and staff spread out across all of Greenlight’s stores


Prerequisites: 2 – 4 years related experience.  Interest and aptitude for handling large-scale logistics and details 

Direct Supervisor: General Manager, Owners 


Schedule: Average 40 hours per week, divided between administrative/office time and occasional staffing of major events. 


Compensation: This is a salaried position; compensation commensurate with experience.



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About Greenlight Bookstore:

Founded in October 2009, Greenlight Bookstore is a general independent bookstore with two store locations in the heart of Brooklyn. Through knowledgeable staff, curated book selection, community partnerships, exciting events, and a robust e-commerce website as well as beautiful bookstore spaces on Fulton Street and Flatbush Avenue, Greenlight combines the best traditions of the neighborhood bookstore with a forward-looking sensibility.  More at

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