Paz & Associates Running 'Bookstore Boot-Camp' This Summer

Mark and Donna Paz

The Bookstore Training Group of Paz & Associates will host a Bookstore Boot-Camp for new and prospective owners in Nashville, Tenn., August 27-30. The workshop retreat will teach attendees important information about the start-up phase of owning a bookstore, including store design and layout, buying books and sidelines, managing inventory, developing staff, employing low-cost marketing strategies and more. Attendees are required to complete an online training program before the start of the course that will focus on basics like bookstore finances and evaluating potential locations for a bookstore.

Nashville's Parnassus Books will be the workshop's bookstore host, and attendees will also have the chance to visit Ingram's headquarters. The American Booksellers Association is co-sponsoring the event, and ABA members are eligible for discounted tuition. Space for the workshop is limited. More information can be found here.

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