Liturgical Press

Parish Market Publisher

2900 Abbey Plaza, Collegeville, MN, United States, 56321

Position: Full-Time

The Parish Market Publisher reports to the Director of Liturgical Press and is responsible for overall financial and mission performance of the parish market sector, including acquisition of product, product development, and the marketing of all parish market products. Publisher controls marketing budget for all parish products and is responsible for maximizing sales for all Liturgical Press content within the parish market. Letters of reference are required. 

Characteristic responsibilities:

  Product Development
  • In consultation with Director and management, creates product plan for parish market.
  • Subject to acquisition protocol, acquires or commissions content to meet identified needs within the parish market.
  • As appropriate, liaises with or manages outside content developers, i.e. Little Rock Scripture Study, TeamRCIA, or independent acquisitions editors.
  • Negotiates and executes contracts with authors or providers of content for parish market.
  • Critiques manuscripts in process; reviews and approves manuscripts on submission.
  • Reviews and approves all product features, designs, product specifications, and pricing.
  • In consultation with sales and marketing and IT, and in coordination with other market sector publishers, works with Associate Publisher to create the annual parish market business plan.
  • Supervises sales and marketing and information technology budget expenditures for parish market.
  • Approves or delegates approval of all sales and marketing and information technology efforts in all formats or methods.
  • Directs, and participates as needed, in the Press’ representation at parish market conferences.
  • Creates and directs research to identify needs within the parish market.
  • Networks with individuals and organizations serving the parish market.
  • Represents Lit Press at conferences serving parishes and pastoral ministers, including parish ministry associations.
  General Management
  • Hires and supervises parish market department staff.
  • Represents parish market department on Lit Press Management Team.
  • Participates as needed in Board of Advisors meetings.


  1. Prefer advanced degree in field related to parish market subjects that are focus of the Press.

  2. Significant experience in book or periodical publishing, in print or electronic formats. Religious publishing experience preferred.

  3. Thorough knowledge of Roman Catholic doctrine and practice.

  4. Proven managerial skills.

  5. Ability to maintain confidentiality of the Liturgical Press operation.

  6. Team worker.

  7. Identifies with and supports the mission of the Order of Saint Benedict.

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