WORD Bookstores

Operations Director

Both Locations, Jersey City, NJ and Brooklyn, NY, United States

Position: Full-Time

WORD is looking for a bookselling unicorn. Is that you??

We need someone with indie bookstore experience who understands all the ins and outs of running the business, another brain to add to our upper-management team. Someone with a clear understanding of inventory management including accurate receiving practices, consistent return scheduling, daily replenishment, bulk orders and consignment. Someone with an interest in programming who can enhance our in-store author events with workshops, classes and other experiential, brand-building concepts. Someone who understands marketing and social media and the importance of connecting with our customers near and far. Someone who appreciates and forwards WORD's mission of welcoming all readers no matter what their tastes and providing a community where marginalized voices and non-mainstream titles are featured alongside NYT bestsellers. 

Are you looking to be part of a team where your voice is not only heard but where you are expected to be a vital part of a business' success? A team that is focused on the future of bookselling as an industry and the goal of raising the profile of indie bookstores in the eyes of consumers and publishers? 

*Only experienced bookstore unicorns, please! We're not fooling around. We mean business. We've got a world to change. 

Email your resume to christine@wordbookstores.com.

About WORD Bookstores:

WORD operates two locations: one in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that opened in March of 2007, and one in Jersey City, NJ which opened in December 2013. Our primary goal is to be whatever our communities need us to be!

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