Changing Hands Bookstore

Store Manager - Phoenix

300 West Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ, United States, 85013

Position: Full-Time

Changing Hands Phoenix is looking for a new store manager to join our team. This is a full-time position, 40+ hours per week. Nights and weekends are required. This position is part of our management team and is primarily responsible for day-to-day operations. This position reports to the General Manager and coordinates best practices with the assistant managers and the Tempe store manager.


  • Oversees the day-to-day sales floor operations of the Phoenix location.

  • Acts as a liaison between all departments to create optimal communication and great customer service.

  • Manages the store’s daily, weekly and holiday work schedules. Manages and monitors payroll hours in relationship to sales and events. Creates efficiencies and opportunities to create a profitable, healthy, and happy workplace.  

  • Manages the assistant store managers, opening and closing staff, department leads and general bookselling staff. Ensures that all tasks are assigned and are completed efficiently, properly, and always while providing excellent customer service.

  • Trains, supervises, and develops staff in policies, procedures, loss prevention, hand-selling, and merchandising.

  • Motivates and works with staff to communicate effectively, problem-solve, and find solutions that work for the staff and our business model.  A happy and healthy staff creates the best and most profitable work environment.

  • Hires and terminates staff, in consultation with assistant managers and under the guidance and approval of the GM.

  • Prepares and reviews staff evaluations and problem-solves discipline issues.  

  • Manages register and customer service errors by directly communicating with staff and accounting. Manages and implements re-training as needed.

  • Develops ideas with the staff to improve systems, communication, and programming.  Provides oversight of these programs when possible.

  • Manages loss prevention and security procedures for best practices.

  • Works with managers at both stores to update store procedural manual and resources.

  • Coordinates staff and store involvement with sales promotions, merchandising schedules, and programming. Works with book and gift buyers for optimal merchandising to help drive sales.

  • Works with inventory team to maintain accurate inventory.  

  • Monitors facilities and maintenance issues and communicates with the owners and property management company.

  • Works with the accountant, manages bank deposits, change orders, and payouts.

  • Works with the marketing team to produce top-level events. Helps develop strong event hosts, excellent communication (both staff-facing and public-facing), logistical management, and execution of profitable and high-level events.

  • Works with the property owners’ event manager to coordinate and streamline the process around events that are in the shared community space and meeting rooms, but not run by CHB.

  • Communicates and coordinates with the other tenants in the building.

  • Works with the bar manager to facilitate communication between the bookstore and the bar. Meets with the bar manager to discuss staffing opportunities and challenges.  

  • Coordinates and creates community partnership that grow the business and outreach.

  • Store manager performs all the same duties as frontline booksellers, including customer service, cash registers, and merchandising.

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Minimum 2 years retail management experience

  • Demonstrated initiative, implementation skills and a strong work ethic

  • A willingness to be on call and work extra hours as needed

  • Love for community, books, and gifts

  • Extraordinary communication and customer service skills

  • Great organizational skills

  • Problem solving and consensus building skills

  • Resilience, adaptability, and a positive attitude that inspires others

To Apply:

Send resume and letter of interest to

Salary will be determined based on experience.

About Changing Hands Bookstore:

CHANGING HANDS BOOKSTORE (CHB), established in 1974, is hiring a full-time Phoenix store manager. CHB has two Arizona locations—Phoenix and Tempe—and in our combined 20,000 square feet, carries new, used, and sale books as well as a huge assortment of gifts. Our Phoenix store includes our book bar, First Draft. CHB hosts more than 400 events a year with approximately half of them in the Phoenix location. CHB has approximately 50 employees, 20 of whom work at the Phoenix location.  

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