Greenlight Bookstore

Store Manager - Prospect Lefferts Gardens

632 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States, 11225

Position: Full-Time

Overview: The Store Manager acts as host of the store, making sure that both customers and employees have a consistent and positive experience.  The Store Manager conveys and embodies Greenlight’s ethos of providing a welcoming space for all members of our community and offering access to books and programming that are curated for our customers. This is accomplished through thoughtful and consistent training and direction of bookstore staff, and ongoing collaboration and communication with fellow members of the managerial team.

The Store Manager is present on the sales floor as much as possible for customer service, staff supervision, and troubleshooting, and also spends administrative time in the office or away from the store for projects and meetings.  The Store Manager works with the Receiving and Buying departments to direct the flow of books into the store for shelving, merchandising, and display, and out of the store for sales and returns.  The Store Manager maintains the physical plant, keeping the store supplies fully stocked and the store clean and presentable. The Store Manager maintains the Prospect Lefferts Gardens Basecamp team and facilitates/delegates floor projects assigned from other departments, including ensuring that events scheduled in the store run smoothly. The Store Manager works with the HR Manager and General Manager to handle employee issues with diplomacy and documentation. The PLG Store Manager meets regularly with the Fort Greene Store Manager and other department managers.  The Store Manager collaborates with Greenlight’s entire management team to create and maintain consistent policies and procedures, and to coordinate hiring, training, scheduling, reviews, and communication with store staff.

The Store Manager is involved in community relations and will act as a ‘face of the store’ in the neighborhood. This includes but is not limited to working and liaising with neighborhood organizations, schools, and surrounding businesses.

In addition to store manager responsibilities, the PLG Store Manager oversees Greenlight’s store supplies for all locations, including keeping inventory spreadsheets up to date, ordering all supplies, and conducting a regular cost analysis to ensure that funds are being wisely and efficiently used.

Summary of responsibilities:

  • Direct shift leaders and booksellers in merchandising and additional sales floor tasks
  • Communicate store specific updates, information and instructions and assign staff projects via Basecamp and in person
  • Work with Receiving and Buying departments to direct inventory flow
  • Help facilitate coordination of events in store and occasionally offsite
  • Handle employee issues and discuss problems with management team
  • Coordinate with counterparts at other locations and participate in manager meetings
  • Liaise with management team to coordinate hiring, training, scheduling, reviews, and communication with store staff, including staff meetings
  • Coordinate maintenance of physical plant
  • Liaise with community organizations, including schools and business neighbors
  • Manage company-wide supply checklists, and order and maintain supplies for all of Greenlight with periodic cost analysis

Prerequisites:  Experience as a bookseller, preferably in a managerial role. Ability to work well in a team. Proficiency with project management software and Microsoft Office suite.

Direct Supervisor: General Manager, Owners

Schedule: Five days / 40 hours per week on specified days, including store shifts and administrative time

Compensation: This is a salaried position with bonus potential.  Salaried employee benefits include employee discount, partially subsidized health insurance, ten days paid vacation annually, and other intangibles including professional development opportunities and cultural institution memberships.

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About Greenlight Bookstore:

Founded in October 2009, Greenlight Bookstore is a general independent bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, encompassing two bookstore locations, theater kiosks, a spinoff stationery store, and pop-up locations at events throughout the city. Through knowledgeable staff, curated book selection, community partnerships, and a robust e-commerce website as well as beautiful bookstore spaces on Fulton Street and Flatbush Avenue, Greenlight combines the best traditions of the neighborhood bookstore with a forward-looking sensibility. Greenlight has garnered local, national, and international press coverage for its innovative startup model and its continuing success. 

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