Rakestraw Books

Frontline Bookseller

3 Railroad Ave, Danville, CA, United States, 94526

Position: Part-Time

Rakestraw Books, the oldest continually operating bookstore in the East Bay, is hiring! We need to add a passionate frontline bookseller to our team. Our ideal candidate will have the following qualities:
  • A love of books and the ability to talk about books naturally, and with enthusiasm, to our customers;
  • A desire to continue to widen book-knowledge across a broad range of genres;
  • A flair for customer service and a keen-ness to be part of a team that aims to offer great customer service every single day;
  • A genuine interest in independent retail and in pursuing bookselling as a career; and
  • A love of new challenges, a climate of fresh ideas and innovation and hectic achievement-filled days.

We are seeking candidates for a part-time bookselling role. Salary will be dependent upon experience but will be competitive for the industry. All roles will involve some weekend and evenining shifts and will be primarily shop-floor based. Candidates will need to be available to commence work by April 2020 and interviews will begin in early March 2020.

To apply please email your resume to rakestraw_books@yahoo.com along with a short explanation of why you think you’d be a great fit for Rakestraw Books and a review (no more than 100 words) of a book you’ve read during the last year.

About Rakestraw Books:

Founded in 1973, Rakestraw Books is a small, independent bookshop that remains dedicated to the principles espoused by its founders: to sell a variety of books of merit; to help readers discover those books; to sponsor events that bring a diverse range of writers and artists to our community; and to accomplish these tasks in a manner that is both professional and friendly.

We are generally thought of as a “midlist bookstore,” and with writers such as Ann Patchett, Elizabeth Strout, and Michael Chabon dominating our bestseller list, it is easy to see why.  We make no apologies for purchasing decisions motivated by our sense of quality and by our enthusiasms rather than by a cynical perception of what “will sell.”  It has always been our aim to be a general bookstore, a refuge for the wide-ranging mind, a place where everyone will find something to her taste – original, first-rate, and somewhat out of the ordinary.  This is not the direction in which the big chain bookstores or the big websites are heading.  Nonetheless, it is the one towards which we strive.  This is the reason we exist and why we continue to thrive.

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