Chronicle Books Facts and Figures

Chronicle Books publishes 300 titles a year, one-third of which are gift formats.

In 50 years, Chronicle Books has published more than 7,000 titles, which have had combined sales of more than 250 million units in 96 countries.

Chronicle Books' all-time bestseller is The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook (with nearly three million copies sold), followed closely by Mama, Do You Love Me? and The Beatles Anthology.

Chronicle Books has had 35 New York Times bestsellers in its history.

Chronicle Books has published 218 books and gifts about cats; 106 books and gifts about wine; and 124 books and gifts about Paris.

Twenty Chronicle Books employees have written Chronicle books. (And eight cats and four dogs have done the same.)

Chronicle Books' main categories are pop culture (28.37%), children's books (28.09%), lifestyle (17.67%), art (13.49%) and food and drink (12.38%).

Chronicle Books' non-book items include games, pencil and pen sets, finger puppet books, coloring books, puzzles, temporary tattoos, coasters, popsicle molds, tea towels and cookie cutters.

Through its Give Books campaign, done in partnership with First Book, Chronicle Books donates tens of thousands of books to children who need them most.

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