Advertising in Shelf Awareness

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Advertising in Shelf Awareness

Subscription Base

Shelf Awareness Pro (trade audience)

We have more than 37,000 readers of the emailed and web versions of Shelf Awareness Pro. The list consists mainly of booksellers, librarians and publishing professionals. Of the booksellers, many are independents, but the buyers at B&N and Amazon read us daily as well. We are proud that our list has expanded mostly through word of mouth, which gives us our extremely high read rate.

Shelf Awareness for Readers

We currently have more than 645,000 readers of the emailed and web versions of Shelf Awareness for Readers. A majority of the subscriber base are people who signed up for their local independent bookstore's mailing list, so they're very engaged book lovers.

Shelf Awareness Pre-Order eBlast

A new offering that launched in April, 2020, the pre-order eblast has grown quickly, currently reaching 913,000 customers of 208 independent bookseller partners, published on the last Wednesday of each month.

Download the PDF of the 2024 editorial calendar for a schedule of our themed issues of Shelf Awareness for Readers.

How to Place an Ad

To check availability or make a reservation, email Please include your contact info, placement choices and dates.

To submit your ad, please email it to:

Please include a link and a RGB image in either .jpg or .gif format, saved at 72dpi. Please note that our maximum size is 50 kb.

Deadline: Ads in Pro are due at 5pm (EST), two days before publication. Ads in Readers are due at 5pm (EST) three days before publication.

Download our 2023 Rate Kit (pdf) for complete details and prices for the rest of 2023.
Download our 2024 Rate Kit (pdf) for complete details and prices for ads in 2024. 

Which Ads Are the Most Successful?

The format lends itself to specific ways of advertising. Some of the best types of ads in Shelf Awareness Pro involve:

  • Seeding the market with galleys/giveaways
  • On sale announcements
  • Hot upcoming publicity
  • Bestseller or award announcements
  • Book excerpt or eGalley
  • Announcements of new titles/imprints
  • Back in stock/reprints
  • Now in paperback
  • Contests
  • Timely reminders
  • Seasonal titles
  • A publisher's bestseller list
  • Event kit offers
  • Movie tie-ins
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