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Quote of the Day

'I Owe My Career to Indie Bookstores'

Jamie Ford

"I owe my career to indie bookstores. Truly. It's wonderful to be a bestselling author, whatever that means. But indie bookstores are reality. They're what booksellers are reading and recommended to their readers, they're what readers are coming in and asking for. They're not the dictates of a large retail corporation and they're not affected by co-op. It's a more honest, more pure system that comes from an ecosystem that's created by independent booksellers. It's real, it's tangible, it's substantial. When it comes to going out on tour, I do go out of my way to visit as many indies as I can, either for an event or for a stock signing. For my first book we drove from Bellingham, Washington, down to California and we hit every indie store on the way just to pop in and do stock signings and say hi to people. 

"Bookstores matter.... I don't have any kind of success on my own outside of that ecosystem. It's just impossible. My career is built upon that support."

Disney Lucasfilm Press: Star Wars: The High Republic Path of Deceit by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland

Ballantine Books: Central Places by Delia Cai

MIT Press: Rethinking Gender: An Illustrated Exploration by Louie Läuger

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