Big Love

Big Love: The Power of Living with a Wide-Open Heart by Scott Stabile ($24.95, 9781608684939, September 7, 2017) is written by a man who could be excused for being withdrawn, miserable, or bitter: at age 14, Scott Stabile's parents were murdered, nine years later his brother died of a drug overdose, and he spent another 13 years trapped in a cult. But Stabile is more stable than life's many knocks. He has managed, despite all this adversity and more, to remain rooted in love, in acting compassionately and without ego.

"So often the way to really reach people with spiritual wisdom is to personalize it, to tell a relatable story through good writing," said New World Library executive editor Jason Gardner. "In our fall release Big Love, social media sensation and teacher Scott Stabile demonstrates the inherent power of responding to life's difficulties with love. He writes about these seemingly life-derailing experiences in such a way that the reader actually comes away inspired. Cultivating love and forgiveness, stepping away from ego-driven behavior--these are practices that couldn't be more important right now, and it's really an honor to be able to publish books like this that inspire the best in us."

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