New World Library Facts and Figures

New World Library's all-time bestseller is Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization with more than six million copies sold in English and translated into more than 40 foreign editions. This is followed closely by Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now with more than five million copies sold in English and translated into more than 57 foreign editions.

New World Library has had seven New York Times bestsellers in its history.

New World Library is a member of the Green Press Initiative and prints almost all of its books with soy-based ink on 100% postconsumer-waste recycled paper.

The New World Library office, located in sunny Novato, Calif., is powered by solar energy.

New World Library gives back: at year's end, company officers decide on the percentage of profits designated for charitable causes. That amount is divided by the number of employees, and the employees get to donate their allotments to the organizations of their choice.

Four New World Library titles have been made into movies, the latest of which is Kent Nerburn's Neither Wolf nor Dog (in select theaters now).

Of New World Library's 18 employees, five have 10 or more years' tenure, four have 15 or more years' tenure, and six have 20 or more years' tenure.

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