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International Thriller Writers: Mulholland Books: Down the River Unto the Sea by Walter Mosley

Book Review

Down the River Unto the Sea by Walter Mosley
ISBN-13: 9780316509640
Mulholland Books
February 20, 2018

an exclusive interview with bestselling author Walter Mosley  

This winter, just before the publication of your new novel, you spent time in L.A. writing an episode for a TV series. How do you feel about the praise lavished on serial television these days?

Walter Mosley: “The only problem I have is that the other day a big-time critic said, ‘Television is the new literature.’ A lot of people think like that. Look, when you’re watching television, you’re really passive, that’s why you do it, you want to relax. There’s no comparison between reading anything and watching television. So when people try to move it beyond where it is—yes, TV is artistic and philosophical, you can do character development and it’s gorgeous. But if you want to develop your mind, you want to be reading. It’s in reading that an individual relationship is formed between reader and novelist, in experiencing the work. The words come into your brain and your brain becomes aggressive. Your brain grabs the words and tries to come to an understanding with them. While with television, it tells you what you’re seeing. Here’s a naked woman. Here’s a man with a gun. It’s different.”

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