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Book Review

Pieces of Her
by Karin Slaughter
ISBN-13: 9780062430274
William Morrow & Co.
August 21, 2018

an exclusive interview with bestselling author Karin Slaughter 

In your thriller PIECES OF HER, a young woman, in your words, realizes “the person she’s known her entire life is basically a stranger to her.” What drew you to this dynamic?

Karin Slaughter: “Our parents are not who we think they are. Nobody really wants to know about their parents’ sexual mistakes or the things that basically make them human…I thought that would be really interesting to play on. I wanted to talk about the differences between generations of women, and there’s no better way to do that than with a mother-daughter story because you have two distinct, different generations. And I thought about the fact that, when I was growing up, women had very few choices about what they could do with their lives. It just wasn’t presented to young women that they could be doctors or lawyers. The goal was still to meet a nice guy, settle down, have a family. That’s very much the sort of message Laura grew up with. You can juxtapose that against Andy’s experience—a young woman who has so many choices that she’s stymied by it. I thought it would be really interesting to use this kind of thriller rubric to talk about those differences.”

 Read the rest of the interview here.



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