Repo Madness

W. Bruce Cameron introduced Ruddy McCann, former Michigan high school football star turned repo man, in his hilarious first mystery, The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man. Returning for a second installment in an equally side-splitting adventure, McCann no longer hears the voice of dead realtor Alan Lottner in his head. And he discovers he's lonely.

In an effort to contact Alan and encourage him to return, McCann visits mediums. When he exits one's establishment, a young woman confronts him, claiming the catastrophic accident that changed his life years ago didn't actually happen the way everyone believed. Then she vanishes as quickly as she arrived, leaving McCann to investigate the incident that has haunted him his entire adult life.

To augment the suspense and add chaos ("repo madness") to McCann's life, his employer dies, an apparent suicide; a spineless banker tries to hire McCann as a hit man; and Alan returns. This novel also resurrects the wonderfully wacky characters hanging out at the Black Bear, including linguistically creative Kermit, the bickering Wolfingers and Casanova Jimmy. Cameron keeps his protagonist on his toes and the readers completely entertained. Repo Madness is nonstop action with laughs on every page.

Reading The Midnight Plan of the Repo Man prior to Repo Madness isn't necessary to enjoy the second of the series, but those intending to read both should start with the first to avoid spoilers present in the second. Regardless of where one starts, repo madness is one affliction that readers shouldn't miss. --Jen Forbus of Jen's Book Thoughts

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