Santorini Caesars

Jeffrey Siger's Andreas Kaldis series often depicts outrageous events that seem surprisingly plausible given the political morass that is modern Greece. The events in Santorini Caesars are no different. A young protestor is shot and killed by the police, and Athens is in an uproar--the death acting as the match to the tinder of immigration arguments and economic disasters that have plagued Greece in recent years.

Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis soon discovers that the killers may not have been police, but rather military professionals in disguise, especially considering that the victim was the daughter of a high-ranking Greek military official. Convinced that something nefarious is afoot, when Kaldis hears a rumor that a group of military officials who call themselves "the Caesars" are planning a secret meeting on the island of Santorini, he's sure that a coup is in the works. He and his team set to work eavesdropping on the Caesars, trying to figure out their connection to the dead girl, and to the future of Greece.

Jeffrey Siger (Devil of Delphi) has perfected a blend of humorous interludes and shocking political conspiracy. The situations that Kaldis and his team face are all too believable, and their race to save their country will keep readers on the edge of their seats, while chuckling at the antics of Kaldis's temperamental secretary. Part of a series not to be missed, Santorini Caesars is a very appealing mystery with a delightful setting. --Jessica Howard, blogger at Quirky Bookworm

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