The Tao of Bill Murray: Real-Life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment, and Party Crashing

"He's an insane man, and in another country he'd be locked up." John Larroquette's observation fairly sums up fellow actor Bill Murray. So what is it about Murray that renders him America's beloved "modern-day trickster god," as Gavin Edwards (Last Night at the Viper Room) sees him, rather than a resident of the nearest penitentiary? Edwards explores this question to hilarious and profound ends in The Tao of Bill Murray: Real-Life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment, and Party Crashing.

Contributing editor for Rolling Stone, Edwards believes Murray is "secretly teaching us how to live." Using the Ten Principles of Bill ("Invite yourself to the party" and "While the world is spinning make yourself useful," for example), Edwards shares decades of zany Murray antics. As a whole, however, the Principles indicate that Murray's madcap nature is a means to become the best version of himself while trying to make the world a better place.

Murray is the embodiment of the Fourth Principle: "Make sure everybody else is invited to the party." He might crash your get-together and give a toast, drag you from a retail establishment to pelt you with snowballs, or pull his shirt over his head, rub his belly and photo bomb your vacation. Because it's Bill, these encounters end with laughter and legend rather than handcuffs. The Tao of Bill Murray is a joy to read and a must for Murray fans, but it's also a heartfelt reminder that we're in this together, and together we can all enjoy the party. --Lauren O'Brien of Malcolm Avenue Review

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