A man wakes up on Day One and can't remember anything, including his own name, and the people around him are in a similar state. The few clues to the man's identity are the items he finds in his pocket: a toy man with a parachute made from plastic, a hand-drawn map and a photograph of a man and a woman. Using these items, Faller, as he decides to call himself, goes on a search for answers. Memories and meanings of words pop into his mind as he meanders through the city: "Dog. The word burst in his mind, fresh, like he was giving birth to it. Yet, he knew what a dog was.... Four-legged animal, fur, wagging tail. His mind felt slightly clearer, his energy returning." Faller discovers the world has been shattered into floating islands, that he's the man in the photograph, that duplicates of himself live on other islands, and that people from his past who know him are out to kill him for reasons he doesn't remember or understand.

Will McIntosh (Burning Midnight) places readers firmly in his Day One world before slowly revealing the events that led up to the critical moment when everything changed, which helps build tension and the illusion of this shattered world. He also challenges readers to contemplate the meaning of identity and the appropriate use of power. Faller is mind-bending, futuristic science fiction that contains elements of mystery, intrigue, romance, world war, biological warfare and high-tech science, along with likable characters who often make decisions based on gut feelings rather than logic. --Lee E. Cart, freelance writer and book reviewer

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