Dancers After Dark

Photographer Jordan Matter, author of Dancers Among Us, takes his subjects out of the studio again in Dancers After Dark, this time after sunset and without their clothes. Captioned with the location and exact time each photograph was taken, the images here are stunning in their variety and ingenuity. Matter shoots his dancers all over the world, often in highly public places like the steps of the New York Public Library or a train platform in Berlin, as well as more deserted locales, like a sheep pasture in England's Cotswolds or the middle of an icy river in Steamboat Springs, Colo. The grace and athleticism of the human form is on full display here, and each photograph demonstrates daring, vulnerability, teamwork and creativity. Behind-the-scenes stories also provide a peek into the breathless process behind notable photographs. Dancers After Dark is a riveting collection of images that will inspire readers to live fully, joyfully and without fear. --Richael Best, bookseller, The Elliott Bay Book Company, Seattle, Wash.

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