Retro Photo: An Obsession

Professional photographer David Ellwand collects vintage photographic equipment. In this dazzling coffee-table book, he shares more than 100 cameras from his treasure trove, as well as the images created with them. The full-color, glossy pages packed with diverse brands, styles and ages of cameras are sure to tantalize any photography buff. For younger shutterbugs, the film camera may be a foreign monster, but a love of seizing moments in time through pictures is all that's needed to find beauty in these classic machines. The creative approaches to his art, both in the shooting and the processing of snapshots, is wondrous to behold for anyone, but inspiring and motivating for those who appreciate the craft. From the various Kodak Brownie models to the Ricoh Rangefinder, this museum-quality collection casts a wide scope. From the double lens to the pinhole camera, the approaches to capturing light on film are breathtaking. Retro Photo is a visual delight. --Jen Forbus, freelancer

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