Look, Look Again

Is it an apple or a crocodile? A banana or a mosquito? A flower or a rooster? Look, Look Again is an ingenious counting book for preschoolers. Every spread features text on one side: "There's 1 apple. Or could it be..." with a single image (an apple) on the opposite folded page. Open it up to find that what looked like a green apple is actually the backside of two crocodiles. Tots will be amazed and delighted to discover that things are not always what they seem.

The bold, uncluttered artwork and simple text of prolific Italian author-illustrator Agnese Baruzzi's (The Bot That Scott Built; I'm Going to Eat You!) sturdy square board book will hold the attention of even the youngest audience. Readers are invited to look--and look again--in a variety of ways: "Look, it's 1 donut. Or is it something else?" "That looks like 1 banana. But look closer." "There's 1 tasty carrot. Who's going to eat it?" A red strawberry specked with seeds morphs magically into spotted red birds. A plain yellow lemon opens up to become adorable little chicks. It won't take savvy onlookers long to learn that while the number of objects--all plants and foods--on the unfolded page is always one, the number of critters within the gatefold increases from 1 to 10. This fun, clever and highly interactive board book is a standout. --Emilie Coulter, freelance writer and editor

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