Simple: The Easiest Cookbook in the World

Deciding what to make for dinner (or any meal!) is made incredibly easy by Jean-Francois Mallet's Simple: The Easiest Cookbook in the World. Every recipe fits on a single page, each ingredient photographed; snap one picture with a smartphone and take it to the store for an easy shopping list.

There are hundreds of meals to make to ensure delicious fare for everyone and every occasion. While the cooking instructions might be simple, the food is anything but, with directions on how to create beautiful, varied dishes, like Bow Tie Pasta with Green Vegetables, French Onion Soup, Penne with Winter Squash and Walnuts, Veal Cutlets with Morel Mushrooms.

Some of the recipes require a bit of culinary knowledge, but most contain everything needed to create a delicious and satisfying meal with streamlined directions and, again, big, beautiful photographs to entice even the most reluctant cook. --Rob LeFebvre, freelance writer/editor
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