The Wedding Date Bargain

Twenty-eight-year-old Sarah Cole, dedicated career woman, is spending a two-month interlude in Chicago before heading to her dream job in New York City. When her temporary boss, Sean, needs a date to a wedding, she agrees to go. There she encounters the best man, Max Brandt--sexy cop, infamous ladies' man and the guy she had a huge crush on in college.

This gives Sarah an idea; she has a pesky little problem that she wants taken care of before she moves to New York. That problem is her virginity, and Sarah is sure that Max is the person to help her out. So together they make a plan: four dates in Chicago, no commitment, no contact after that. But can they stick to their deal? Or will love end up interfering?

Mira Lyn Kelly (May the Best Man Win) has written a funny, steamy romance, sure to captivate readers. Sarah's predicament leads to some hilarious and awkward moments as she tries to pretend she's more experienced than she is, and Max's cocky exterior conceals an inner kindness and irresistible sexiness that are revealed slowly. A host of side characters--Max and Sean's friends--add interest to the main love story. The Wedding Date Bargain may have a slightly clunky title, but it is a charming and funny story that romance readers and fans of the Windy City are sure to love. --Jessica Howard, blogger at Quirky Bookworm

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