All Rights Reserved

Speth's family is poor, especially now that it's only her, her older sister, Saretha, and little brother Sam at home. Her parents live in indentured servitude, hand-pollinating plants, because one of their ancestors illegally downloaded a song; the family owes the company (with interest) for that stolen property. In Speth's world, everything--every word, every gesture, every sign of affection--is "Trademarked™, Restricted® or Copyrighted©. The companies and people who own these rights let people use them, but once you turn fifteen, you have to pay."

Speth is about to make her Last Day speech--a 15th birthday celebration in which the individual agrees to the Terms of Service and declares their Brand--and become a contributing member of society. But on her way to the speech, her already-15-year-old friend kills himself in front of her. Distraught and completely bewildered, Speth is unable to get a single word out. Her refusal to speak is seen as an act of rebellion and makes her a target for the all-powerful Lawyers (as well as a burden on her family). What began as a spontaneous response to trauma quickly becomes an uprising with Speth at its forefront. Will she heed the call of the revolutionaries, or give up and give in?

Though she doesn't speak, Speth has been given a distinctive and memorable voice by Gregory Scott Katsoulis. All Rights Reserved is both deeply troubling and utterly captivating; a must read for fans of the dystopic, and more specifically of M.T. Anderson's Feed. --Siân Gaetano, children's and YA editor, Shelf Awareness

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