How to Find Love in a Bookshop

For Emilia Nightingale, her father's cozy bookshop in the Cotswolds isn't just the family business: it's always been her home. But after her father's death, Emilia is faced with a pile of bills and paralyzing grief. Determined to save Nightingale Books from a predatory property developer, Emilia enlists the help of her staff, a few regular customers and her accountant best friend to revitalize the shop and rescue its bottom line. But it's an uphill battle, and Emilia grows weary. She and her compatriots dig deep into the stacks of her beloved bookstore to unearth hope, the courage to move forward and even a bit of romance in Veronica Henry's U.S. debut, How to Find Love in a Bookshop.

Though Henry's narrative centers on Emilia, her engaging ensemble cast gets its due: shy chef Thomasina, local gardener Dillon and Emilia's father, Julius, among others, have the chance to tell their own stories. Julius's longtime lover, Sarah, is struggling with complicated grief after his death, as well as her daughter's injury in a car accident before her upcoming wedding. Emilia is befuddled by her growing feelings for Marlowe, a family friend. The characters' stories intertwine in charming and sometimes surprising ways, as Henry nudges not only her bookshop, but several of the people who love it, back to life. This warmhearted novel is catnip for bibliophiles and Anglophiles, but can captivate anyone looking for a story of hope and new beginnings. --Katie Noah Gibson, blogger at Cakes, Tea and Dreams

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