In Lisa Scottoline's fifth Rosato & DiNunzio novel, Exposed, a new case pushes the law firm partnership to its limits--and perhaps beyond.

Mary DiNunzio comes from a closely knit South Philly community. She is surprised when her father and his friends come to her law firm with pastries and the intent to hire her to represent an old family friend from the neighborhood, Simon. He's had a rough few years: a single dad after losing his wife, he has a young daughter with cancer and recently lost his job. Mary agrees to represent Simon in a wrongful termination suit, but she discovers that her partner, Bennie Rosato, has represented the parent company for many years, creating a serious conflict of interest for the firm.

Mary's loyalties to her family and friends go head-to-head against her loyalties to Bennie and their firm in a clash that could mean the end of the partnership. Gradually, as both partners dig further into the details from opposite sides, the simple case becomes something far more complex and sinister.

This legal thriller is an exciting roller-coaster ride. The first half moves along steadily as tension builds, and halfway through, the novel breaks into a sprint. Both longtime fans and new readers will be riveted by the suspense and shocked by the surprises in store for Mary and Bennie in their latest twisty case. --Suzan L. Jackson, freelance writer and author of Book by Book blog

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