#Superbookbowl for the Win

There was another game going on last evening, too. It was the #Superbookbowl on Twitter, started by @MissLiberty, who kicked off with, "Garcia Marquez just sacked Vargas Llosa!" Others immediately chimed in. Some highlights of the game:

@peterdamien: Harper Lee had that brilliant pass in the first quarter, but has remained on the bench for the rest of the game so far.

@AdamBertocci: As a New Yorker, I _should_ support my home team, but I scanned and found a cheaper team on Amazon.

@MissLiberty: Man, George R.R. Martin takes a really long time before he throws the ball.

@allshiny: Looks like Kafka just gave up. He's lying on his back waving his legs in the air...

@CrownPublishing: Flag on the field--Stieg Larsson called for unnecessary roughness

@EmperorFranzen: @jenniferweiner and @jodipicoult are complaining about the coverage NBC is giving the male players. #yawn

@writer_not: Orwell asserts that all quarterbacks are equal, but some are more equal than others.

@MissLiberty: The Authors call a time out--Houellebecq is missing. Wait, hold on--they have located him. He was at the beer cart.

@EvilWylie: "This game is extremely loud and incredibly close." --commentator Jonathan Safran Foer

@jefe23: Book of Eli



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