Waterstones Returning to Watford

U.K. bookstore chain Waterstones will open a branch in Watford on September 24 "after vacating its last premises in the city on Christmas Eve 2012," the Bookseller reported, adding that the announcement follows recent news the company is also opening a branch in Yarm, Teeside, one of several towns where Waterstones is opening that had recently lost an independent bookstore.

"We are so pleased that we are finally able to bring a Waterstones bookshop back to Watford," said Sean Farrell, cluster leader at Waterstones. "A great number of customers have expressed terrific support for our return and we are sure that our new shop, with its elegant design, a book selection tailored for the people of Watford and top-notch customer service will be everything they hope for. Our booksellers are incredibly excited to be involved in this brand new venture to bring a specialist bookshop to Watford's high street."

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