Innisfree Bookshop, Serving Meredith, N.H., Since 1984

Innisfree Bookshop, a 5,000 square foot general interest bookstore in Meredith, N.H., has thrived since 1984, the Laconia Citizen reported. Jim Meryman and Laura Mamarelli are the store's co-owners, and while Meryman still does most of the store's buying, the shop is managed by Beverly Newton, who has worked at Innisfree since 1996.

The store carries books for children, teens and adults, and everything from fiction to nonfiction, literary classics to beach-reads and international bestsellers to New Hampshire-focused history books. As for non-book products, Innisfree Bookshop has a variety of games, puzzles, toys and stuffed animals. During the summer months, the store has six full-time employees and two part-timers; in the winter, the store usually transitions to three full-time staff and four part-timers. The store is busiest in the summer, during fall foliage and before Christmas.

"It's exciting to share my thoughts and opinions about books, and hear the same from customers," Newton told the Citizen. "I like sharing books that I have read with other people. The customers here are often interested in finding out what our staff is reading. It's extremely satisfying to see kids come in excited about getting a new book."

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