Indies: 'Where You Take the Pulse of a Community'

Margot Harrison

"Independent bookstores are where you take the pulse of a community. I moved fairly often as a child, and each time we resettled, the first place we visited was the local bookstore. As long as there was an indie bookstore, we knew we'd feel welcomed and at home. Because of my job--I work for a newspaper, also locally owned--I got to know my town's booksellers long before I became an author. I know they make a huge effort to get and keep local books on the shelves, to host authors, to serve a broad community of readers. Those same booksellers have been amazingly supportive of my book; my launch at Phoenix Books Burlington was the high point of this whole experience. Seeing my book on the shelf, I feel at home in indie bookstores in a whole new way."

--Margot Harrison, author of The Killer in Me, in an Indies Introduce q&a with Bookselling This Week
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