Print Remains Most Popular Format, Pew Study Shows

Some 65% of adult Americans have read a print book in the last year while just 28% had read an e-book, according to a new Pew Research Center study of reading conducted in March and April. (See an AP story here, and the full report here.) Altogether 73% of respondents had read a book, whether printed or digital, in the past year.

Among other findings: about 40% of respondents read only print books, while 6% read e-books exclusively. 14% had listened to an audiobook. Some 15% of e-book aficionados prefer a tablet, 13% like cell phones and only 8% use dedicated e-readers. Tablet and phone reading has grown substantially in the past five years while e-reader usage has remained flat. Smartphones are "playing an especially prominent role in the e-reading habits of certain demographic groups, such as non-whites and those who have not attended college." More women have read a book (77%) than men (68%). Americans read an average of 12 books last year.

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