Plot Twist Bookstore: A Hidden Treasure in Des Moines Suburbs

Plot Twist Bookstore, Ankeny, Iowa, is one of "10 hidden treasures in the Des Moines suburbs," according to the Register, which noted that the bookseller's opening "this past year in Ankeny was the perfect gift for a hustling, bustling town that seemingly already had everything. After all, Ankeny is the third-fastest growing city in America, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. But until Mary Rork-Watson opened for business in April, it didn't have a locally owned, independent bookstore. Now it does and I can tell you from personal experience that Mary is a pleasure to do business with. Her business model follows in the odds-beating footsteps of Alice Meyer at Beaverdale Books and includes an emphasis on support for local authors and providing a home for small groups like book clubs. Don't judge by its strip mall cover. Inside, it stands alone in Ankeny. Check it out."

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