'Many Reasons to Like' Pages Bookshop, Detroit, Mich.

Among the "many reasons to like Pages Bookshop" in Detroit, Mich., the Free Press writes, are that "it's well-lit and inviting, the sort of place that feels comfortable the second you walk in the door. It's located in an area that's woefully underserved by booksellers. It has book groups galore; in-store appearances by authors, too. And there's a plump black and white cat named Pip who has made the store her home. But the best thing about the shop: Its small--about 5,000 titles--but incredibly well-selected stock of books that makes browsing kind of like looking at your best friend's bookshelves. It's so much more pleasant than trying to navigate through a mega store or Amazon."

Owner Susan Murphy, who opened Pages Bookshop last year, commented: "What I hope the store accomplishes is... to be a place for the community to come together. I love stories that are in books but I also believe those stories can generate conversation."

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