'Futuristic Shopping' Includes L.A. Bookstore

"When you are strolling DTLA's Arts District you can't help but notice the Michael Maltzan-designed, quarter of a mile-long, mixed-use behemoth along Santa Fe between 1st and 4th--One Santa Fe," Los Angeles Magazine wrote, noting in particular "the shopping and eating part of 'mixed-use' dubbed The Yards, which continues to grow underneath the 438 apartments."

Among the businesses highlighted was Hennessey + Ingalls Art & Architecture Bookstore: "Six months ago this primo bookstore closed up its Santa Monica store and moved it here. Smart move considering the number of people in it on a weekend and the architecture school--SCI-Arc--literally across the street. Banksy prints ($200 a pop) cover the back wall, there is every kind of art and architecture magazine in the racks along Santa Fe, and anything you want that is out-of-print is in the back room."

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