Adelina Film & Art Pop-Up Opening in Portland, Ore.

Adelina Film & Art Bookstore, a new pop-up bookshop in downtown Portland, Ore., will open next month in Boys Fort, 906 SW Morrison, focusing on titles about art, photography, architecture, dance and film. The shop is owned by the books and culture magazine Propeller Quarterly and its publishing imprint, Propeller Books. Propeller Books publishes one book a year; this fall's title is The Horse Latitudes by Matthew Robinson.

"Inspired by the spirit of post-war Italian cinema, the New Hollywood era of the late 1960s/early 1970s, and the artistic potentials of cinema in general," the store will be in a 200-square-foot space in a much larger gift shop and will stock about 600 titles when it opens. It'll run through the new year, and as Adelina's Rachel Greben put it, "if public response is favorable, we plan to move forward in 2017."

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