Awards: Pak Kyong-ni Literature

Kenyan author Ngugi Wa Thiongo received the ₩100 million (about $90,450) Pak Kyong-ni Literature Award, which honors the literary spirit and achievements of the late novelist Pak Kyong-ni (1926-2008), author of the epic novel Toji. The Dong-a Ilbo noted that the prize was opened to foreign writers in 2012 "to become Korea's first international literary award."

"Ngugi Wa Thiongo is a writer who distinctively reveals different angles of the lives of people undergoing the process of globalization," the award review committee said. "He is considered to be a writer who complies with the purpose of the Pak Kyong-ni Literature Award.... The writer deeply and fiercely examined and agonized over situations where various boundaries including the West and the Non-West, and modernity and pre-modernity overlap, while dealing with the independence war of Kenya, which became a British colony, and social issues after its independence."

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