Boise's Rediscovered Books 'Best Local Bookstore'

Boise Weekly has named Rediscovered Books the "best local bookstore," saying that it "carries a voluminous collection of volumes but it's also a community gathering place where signings, readings and celebrations are de rigueur. As a hub for local book clubs and host to regular sales, Rediscovered is worth rediscovering over and over and over again."

Runners up were used bookstores Rainbow Books ("the shop has offered its wares in a quaint little white-and-blue house next to DK Donuts on State Street since 1993") and Trip Taylor Bookseller ("floor-to-ceiling shelves stacked with spines, bits of vintage marginalia for decor and a cozy sense that you could browse for hours in hushed solitude. Set in a narrow, two-story space on Ninth Street in downtown Boise, Trip Taylor nails the ambience and selection of a true big-city haven for lit lovers").

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