Cool Idea of the Day: 'Van Fulla Books Tour'

Isaac Marion, author of the bestselling novel Warm Bodies, is currently on the road for his "Van Fulla Books Tour," driving his campervan from Seattle to San Diego ("and perhaps beyond") to drop off ARCs of the upcoming sequel, The Burning World (Atria, Feb. 7), at more than 40 bookstores.

In a blog post last week, Marion wrote: "I am driving down the west coast on something I'm calling the Van Fulla Books Tour (#VanFullaBooksTour !) Because, see, my van is fulla books. Galley copies of The Burning World, which I'm delivering to bookstores in order to make some kind of human connection to the people who will (hopefully) be selling my new book.... I am going ALL THE WAY DOWN. San Diego and perhaps beyond. I'm making a frantic pace to get to all the stores on my list, but on the way back up, things will be more leisurely, and I may do some fan meetups in which you'll get a chance to receive a very special gift. So stay tuned if you like special gifts and/or me."

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