How Virago 'Shook Up the World of Books'

British publisher Virago was the focus of a BBC Four special last night titled Virago: Changing the World One Page at a Time. "For over 40 years, publisher Virago has championed the work of new female authors, provided a platform for major feminist thinkers, and shone a spotlight on long-forgotten literary classics. Bidisha takes a look back at a publisher brave enough to shake up the book world," BBC reported, citing "six wonderful ways Virago shook up the world of books":

  1. They were founded in the swinging but sexist 1970s
  2. You wouldn't mess with a virago
  3. They created design classics
  4. They continue the tradition of women travelers
  5. They've inspired great TV
  6. They've stayed at the political cutting edge
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