Obituary Note: Natalie Babbitt

Award-winning author and illustrator Natalie Babbitt, who is perhaps best known for her 1975 novel Tuck Everlasting, died Monday, the Associated Press reported. She was 84. Babbitt wrote and illustrated dozens of books. Her literary accolades included a Newbery Honor for her 1971 book Knee-Knock Rise and the inaugural E.B. White Award for achievement in children's literature by the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2013.

Describing Babbitt as a "remarkable" and "loving and wonderful" woman who left her mark in the literary world with her stories, Samuel Fisher Babbitt, her husband, observed: "She once said that her ambition was just to leave a little scratch on the rock. I think she did that with Tuck Everlasting."

Tuck Everlasting "sold four million copies in the United States, was translated into 27 languages and was adapted twice for film--in 1981 and in a 2002 Disney production with Sissy Spacek, William Hurt and Alexis Bledel," the New York Times noted.

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