Benedict Cumberbatch, Comic Book Store Clerk

photo: Z. Lee/JHU Comic Books

Benedict Cumberbatch, whose latest project, Marvel's Doctor Strange, hits theaters tomorrow, told that if the movie is a bomb he "has a back up plan to work in a comic book shop in New York where the film was shot--more specifically JH Universe Comics in Manhattan."

"I went into a comic book store on the last day of shooting in New York [dressed as Doctor Strange]," he said. "I didn't buy any comics, but I offered my services. I said, 'Look, if the film doesn't work out, I'll come and stack the shelves for you.' " noted: "We admit, it would be pretty awesome to walk into the local comic book shop and see Cumberbatch behind the register. But let's be serious, he won't be taking off the Cloak of Levitation anytime soon and that's a good thing!"

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