Big Blue Marble Offers a 'Space to Meet & Plan'

From an e-mail newsletter sent out by Big Blue Marble Bookstore, Philadelphia, Pa.: "Like all of you, the staff here at Big Blue Marble has been struggling with grief, shock, and fear--fear for Obamacare, which provides health insurance for most of us, fear for our family and friends and community members who are part of targeted groups, fear for all the work to move our country forward that we see unraveling in front of us.

"But we also know we have important resources here--books, writers, activists, and space. Workshops and conversations and organizing events are on their way--check your email box for forthcoming announcements.

"If your group wants a space to meet and plan, please contact us! We have the third floor community room, which is open all day, and the performance space on the second floor available after hours."

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