Binc Foundation Launches 'Think Binc' Fundraising Campaign

The Book Industry Charitable Foundation launches its 20th anniversary, year-end "Think Binc" fundraising campaign today, with a goal of $100,000.

Executive director Pam French said that for the foundation to continue providing essential financial assistance to meet the needs of booksellers and their families around the country, fundraising efforts are focused on the foundation becoming a sustainable entity.

Binc is participating in Giving Tuesday again this year to kick off its year-end fundraising campaign. The Binc board of directors have offered to match all donations up to $3,700 through December 15. Each board member has committed an additional gift of support this year to create this challenge.

"We are certainly grateful for the support and work our ambassadors Ann Patchett and James Patterson have provided so far this year," she noted. "It is critical to our mission to engage the book community and have support from both a financial and awareness perspective. Our ambassadors have elevated both of these key elements and booksellers across the country will benefit."

Over the past 20 years, the Binc Foundation has granted more than $3.8 million in financial assistance to over 6,400 booksellers, awarded $1.3 million in higher education scholarships and $40,000 professional development scholarships. In 2016, contributions from individuals and industry partners thus far have allowed Binc to provide financial assistance to 30 bookstore employees and their families worth more $72,000; as well as award 27 higher education scholarships to students from 17 different states, representing 22 different bookstores. Professional development scholarships to attend Winter Institute, Children's Institute and regional bookseller trade conferences were awarded to 17 booksellers.

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