Firefly Bookstore, Kutztown, Pa., Moving to Larger Space

In March 2017, Firefly Bookstore, Kutztown, Pa., which sells games and new and used books, is moving into new, larger space, according to Berks-Mont News.

Rebecca Laincz, who owns the store with Matthew Williams, said that a move to larger quarters had been part of the plan since Firefly was founded in 2012, saying, "We always knew that sooner or later we would outgrow our current space, as wonderful as it has been."

The new space will also the store to expand areas for events and meetings as well as work space for the employees. And some book categories will be increased. "We have so much that we can't get on the floor right now because of limited space," Laincz said. Some events have been very crowded in the current 1,000-square-foot store, necessitating that some activities be held outside.

"We are looking at adding more shelving for more titles," Laincz continued. "When customers walk in, we want them to be astonished at the variety of our collection. Organization is key, so that's going to continue in the new space."

Williams noted that the pair will soon be renovating its new space: "We have some changes and furnishings to set up and some great new features to put in place before we can move."

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