Obituary Note: Bruce Mazlish

Bruce Mazlish, a "historian of ideas who created controversy with psychoanalytic biographies of living world leaders, including one about Richard M. Nixon," died November 27, the New York Times reported. He was 93. His first book, The Western Intellectual Tradition: From Leonardo to Hegel (co-written with Jacob Bronowski), has been in print since it was first published in 1960.

Mazlish was best known for In Search of Nixon: A Psychohistorical Inquiry (1972), which was "an attempt to fuse science, or at least psychoanalytical insight, with the study of contemporary history," the Times wrote. He also published a series of books throughout the 1970s, profiling Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter and Mao Zedong, among others. His later works include The Fourth Discontinuity: The Co-Evolution of Humans and Machines and The Uncertain Sciences.

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