March Madness at Decatur's Eagle Eye Book Shop

Eagle Eye Book Shop in Decatur, Ga., is celebrating NCAA college basketball's March Madness tournament with its own literary variation on the theme. On Facebook, the bookstore posted: "It is March, that mad time of year! In celebration, we have decided to create the Eagle Eye Final Four playoff with Classic Literature. You, our wonderful readers, get to vote on the best ones.

"We will start with 16 titles until we get down to the final four through Facebook's live video polls! If you want your vote to count, make sure you vote on our Facebook page by clicking on the video and then selecting which book you think is best. The videos will play for a few hours each day but the voting will be cut off by 10 a.m. the following day. The winner will then progress to the next qualifying round. There will be 15 matchups and one winner! Follow us on Facebook to play! The winning title will be announced at the beginning of April."

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