IndieLite Platform Now Available to ABA Members

IndieLite, a basic e-commerce website with fewer feature options--and lower cost--than the IndieCommerce platform, has been launched by the American Booksellers Association. Bookselling This Week reported that both IndieCommerce users and non-users had periodically requested that ABA offer a downsized alternative. Following a survey of ABA members, feedback from current IndieCommerce users, and discussion with the ABA Digital Task Force, the ABA Board of Directors authorized the development of a new option.

IndieLite is "specifically designed for booksellers who are just getting started in e-commerce, or stores that want a website that requires very little time and effort to maintain," according to the ABA. A complete list of features can be viewed at For more information or to see samples of actual IndieLite websites, contact the IndieCommerce team at

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